Coronavirus "COVID-19" Update #3

To Our Valued Customers,As we are all affected by these difficult times we are living through, with situations that change daily, we are letting you know that D. Turin Co. is still in operation, and here to serve your needs.We have some essential staff on premises serving the important needs of our local cities in this time of crisis, providing them with the garments they need to perform their duties. We are also in the process of beginning to produce non-medical 100% cotton face masks to aid th (...)Read More

Custom Shriner Fez Pins

When it comes to customizing a fez, few other accessories can compare to unique and highly personalized fez pins. These accessories come in a wide range of styles and designs allowing Shriner fraternity members to add a personal touch to any fez. These pins also serve to signify levels of accomplishment. In addition, pins are not limited to only placement on a fez but can also be used as a tie tack or even a lapel pin. Some pins may even display precious gemstones along with brands and char (...)Read More

Learn More About Fezzes

Today if you go to any Shriners function you are likely to see members wearing fezzes. Shriners International is proud of its symbolic headwear, the fez. This unique headwear has a history that dates back to 1872 and is named for a city in Morocco called Fez. The hat has great significance in that it represents a fraternity, the Shriners that is based upon a Moroccan Arabian theme. Perhaps the most important aspect of this symbolic headwear is that it signifies one’s membership in the proud Shri (...)Read More