Why Use a Fez Hat Box!

Impressive Fez Hat Box Options to Consider The high-quality design and expert manufacturing of today’s modern Fez hats demands the very best in a Fez hat box. As a matter of fact, nothing less should be expected when it comes to protecting this valued and treasured piece of formal headgear. Choosing the right box for a fez or topper hat ensures that this important piece of ceremonial headwear is well protected over the years. Keep in mind that not all boxes for a Fez hat are the same. As a matte (...)Read More

Nations Leader in Masonic Fez Hats!

Masonic Fez Hats for any Event or Occasion The Fez headdress known as the Masonic Fez hat comes in many styles, sizes and designs. Typically speaking this type of hat or Fez is usually red and can come in other colors and may or may not have tassels attached to the top. The Moroccan city of Fez is where the name for this type of hat is derived. Indeed, Masonic Fez hats can be traced all the way back to the Byzantine Empire. Today many fraternal orders follow the tradition of wearing Fez hats. Wh (...)Read More

Deluxe Vinyl Fez Cases

Find the Best Deluxe Vinyl Fez Cases TodayFezzes are a custom and unique item that come in many styles, designs and quality levels. In particular, deluxe vinyl fez case are an important accessory that are used to protect valued hat attire. Made of high-quality leather and produced with durability in mind, these cases provide the protection for your treasure fez. From the Prince Hall Shriners fez to the daughters of the Imperial court Fez and even the order of the Eastern Star Fez, having the rig (...)Read More

Find a Quality Fez Case That Fits Your Needs the Best

Simply stated, a fez case is the smart way to protect your treasured investment. While there are many different types of fezzes available today, all have one thing in common and that is that they should be well protected to ensure longevity and good appearance. The good news is that the right fez case is literally just a call or click away when you choose to purchase from The company brings decades of experience to the table when it comes to a wide range of memorabilia, apparel and e (...)Read More

Fez Case Order Status

May 14th 2022Dear Customer,  You are receiving this email because you are waiting for hat boxes or fez cases from us.     We have been working with the same manufacturer of hat boxes and fez cases in Taiwan for the last 20+ years, importing containers from them as needed. We have always inventoried our various types of hat boxes and in most cases have had them on-hand for immediate delivery.   As many of you know, getting containers from overseas has become a h (...)Read More

Build Your Own Custom Daughters Fez with D Turin's Online Fez Builder

For more than a century, the fez has been a symbol of tradition, heritage, and brotherhood. At D Turin, we are proud to continue this legacy by providing high-quality custom fezzes for a variety of organizations and events. With our online fez builder, you can design and build your own custom fez that reflects your unique style and personality.Our selection of custom daughters of imperial court fezzes includes a wide range of styles, materials, and colors, making it easy to create a fez that per (...)Read More

Fez Cases: Preserving Tradition and Legacy

Fez cases, much like the iconic headgear they protect, hold a deep sense of tradition, symbolism, and history. These cases play an essential role in preserving the integrity and significance of fezzes, which have long been associated with fraternal organizations, cultural groups, and ceremonial occasions. Fez Cases: Guardians of TraditionFezzes, originating in ancient times and prominently worn by various cultures across the world, are now primarily recognized as symbolic headwear within fratern (...)Read More

Protect Your Shriner Fez in Style with Exquisite Fez Cases

For members of the esteemed Shriners fraternity, their iconic fez holds a special significance, symbolizing unity, brotherhood, and their commitment to philanthropy. Ensuring the safety and pristine condition of this cherished headwear is paramount, which is why D Turin proudly presents its collection of Shriner fez cases, meticulously crafted to meet the needs of Shriners worldwide.At D Turin, we understand the reverence and tradition associated with the Shriner fez. Our fez cases are designed (...)Read More

Preserving Tradition: The Significance of Fez Hat Boxes

In a world of fleeting trends and ever-changing fashion, some items stand as timeless symbols of tradition and heritage. Among these cherished pieces is the iconic fez hat—a symbol of cultural significance and timeless elegance. At D Turin, we understand the importance of preserving these traditions, which is why we offer meticulously crafted fez hat boxes designed to protect and honor these cherished headpieces.A Glimpse into HistoryThe fez hat traces its origins back centuries, with roots deep (...)Read More

Preserving Tradition: The Importance of Fez Hat Cases

In the world of ceremonial attire, few items carry the same historical and cultural significance as the fez hat. Symbolizing tradition, honor, and brotherhood, the fez hat holds a special place in the hearts of those who wear it, particularly among Shriners. As custodians of this esteemed tradition, D Turin understands the importance of preserving these iconic hats, which is why they offer premium fez hat cases designed to safeguard these cherished symbols of identity and heritage.Protecting Tra (...)Read More