Fez Case Order Status

May 14th 2022

Dear Customer,

 You are receiving this email because you are waiting for hat boxes or fez cases from us.

    We have been working with the same manufacturer of hat boxes and fez cases in Taiwan for the last 20+ years, importing containers from them as needed. We have always inventoried our various types of hat boxes and in most cases have had them on-hand for immediate delivery.   As many of you know, getting containers from overseas has become a huge problem for small companies like us, and we have not been able to get one for over a year.  We also have always worked with a small domestic supplier for our specialty case needs that has attempted to fill-in for the temporary loss of our import supply. That has turned into a big problem for us, as that small U.S. company has had one problem after another.  Dealing with storms, machinery breakdowns, employee sickness and component issues, they have promised us delivery every week, and have delivered very little over the past few months.  We have been telling our customers what they have been telling us, and obviously this has not been the case.

    We have many cases on backorder now, and all we can do is wait for them to finally get our orders to us so we can fill our orders. We can’t promise when we will have them, as we have absolutely No control over this frustrating situation, but we do however, believe that we will eventually get them and deliver them to you.   We hopefully one day soon will get back to our usual supplier, with containers flowing at reasonable cost from overseas again, but until that time, please understand we have no control.  We completely understand that you may want to cancel your order or backorder, so just let us know, but please be advised that the older orders will be going out first when they are finally ready, so waiting a little while longer might be worth it to you.    We very much appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

The staff of D. Turin & Co., Inc.