Exquisite Custom Embroidery and DTG Printing for Chef Britto's Graffiti Series Unveiled at Art Basel Miami

D Turin & Company, a beacon of excellence in custom embroidery, recently celebrated a groundbreaking collaboration with world-renowned Chef Britto. The result of this union was prominently showcased at the Art Basel Miami event, specifically within the Graffiti Series Showcase at the esteemed Romero Britto Fine Art Gallery. D Turin & Company not only masterfully executed custom embroidery on Chef Britto's iconic coat but also pioneered DTG (Direct to Garment) printing on the collars and (...)Read More

Direct To Garment Printing Magic at Art Basel Miami with Quore Gelato and Britto

In a symphony of flavor and artistry, D Turin & Company, known for its innovative textile customization, played a pivotal role in the sweet partnership between award-winning gelato company Quore and renowned artist Britto. This delectable collaboration was celebrated at the Art Basel Miami event, where a new gelato flavor was unveiled alongside D Turin & Company's groundbreaking DTG (Direct to Garment) printing work, creating a sensory experience that blended culinary excellence with vis (...)Read More