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The Prince Hall Shriners is an important organization with a long list of dedicated members. That said nothing could be more important than having access to top-quality Prince Hall jewelry and other accessories. From Shriner collar bars to tail light decals and even men’s clip-on earrings, the possibilities are endless when it comes to beautifully crafted jewelry intended to convey one’s dedication to membership. Along with Prince Hall jewelry, there is a wide range of other unique products that (...)Read More


Dear Valued Customer,SALES TAX RETAIL CERTIFICATES REQUIREMENTSEFFECTIVE 1/1/2021In order to avoid possible sales tax charges, please send us your most recent Sales Tax Certificate for the State(s) you are registered in. Sales tax certificates should be emailed to or mailed to the attention of Ron Plask.Please note:If you drop ship into the state of Florida and you are not registered in the state, D. Turin & Co., Inc. is obligated to charge sales tax on your transaction.Your a (...)Read More