What is a ShrinerCap?

A Shriner cap is a type of headwear that is worn by Shriners, members of a Masonic fraternity. The caps are made of red felt and have a tassel on the top. They are typically worn during Shriner meetings and events. The caps signify the wearer's membership in the fraternity and their commitment to helping others. Not only do these beautifully attractive caps look great, but they also are long lasting and durable. When it comes to value for the money, few other types of organizationally focused ca (...)Read More

What is Masonic Embroidery?

Masonic embroidery is a type of needlework that is often used to decorate masonic clothing and other masonic items. It can be used to add embellishments to masonic aprons, gloves, hats, and other masonic regalia. Masonic embroidery can also be used to create masonic logos and symbols. Masonic type embroidery is typically done with thread made of silk, gold, or silver. The result can be quite stunningly attractive in terms of overall quality and appearance. Best of all, those wishing to express p (...)Read More