A Tradition of Quality: D. Turin & Co.'s Fez Hats for Sale

When it comes to fez hats, D. Turin & Co. has been at the forefront of providing quality fezzes for over a century. With an unparalleled commitment to tradition and craftsmanship, our fezzes are designed with care and detail that is unmatched in the marketplace.Fez hats hold historyIn its most basic form, fez hats come from the fez city of Morocco, where fezzes are a traditional item of clothing. They were first worn by Ottoman Turks and later adopted by Europeans in the 19th century during (...)Read More

Make a Statement with D. Turin Masonic Shirts

The masonic shirts from D. Turin are an essential addition to any mason's wardrobe. Crafted with quality materials and precision sewing, these masonic shirts represent a unique combination of timeless style and modern design. With traditional masonic symbols such as the square, compass, and all-seeing-eye, masonry is represented proudly on each masonic shirt. These masonic symbols are made to last and will stand the test of time, making them a great investment for masons who want to make sure th (...)Read More

Masonic Embroidery: Representing the Tradition and Craft of Freemasonry

D. Turin provides masonic embroidery services to represent the tradition, history and craft of Freemasonry. Using D. Turin's masonic-style embroidery, masons can show their pride in their work with a variety of apparel items such as hats, shirts and iron on emblems. Express masonic prideThe masonic-style embroidery service provided by D. Turin is an excellent way for masons to express their masonic pride and honor the history of Freemasonry. D. Turin is dedicated to providing masonic artistry th (...)Read More