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The Fez headdress known as the Masonic Fez hat comes in many styles, sizes and designs. Typically speaking this type of hat or Fez is usually red and can come in other colors and may or may not have tassels attached to the top. The Moroccan city of Fez is where the name for this type of hat is derived. Indeed, Masonic Fez hats can be traced all the way back to the Byzantine Empire. Today many fraternal orders follow the tradition of wearing Fez hats. Whether it is one with a metallic embroidered lettering or one with Jewels attached, one thing is sure and that is that this type of symbolic headwear is impressive by every measure.

Top-Quality Producer

Many different titles within the Masonic rite will often identify a level or position by embroideries directly on the Masonic Fez hat. This includes everything from an ambassador to a recorder or someone on the director’s staff. An executive or one who works in a hospital environment or a wide range of others can be identified through labeling on the Fez.  When choosing a felt headdress or this kind it is best to always go with a top-quality producer. While there are many companies that manufacture and produce a wide variety of Fez hats, one company has consistently outpaced the competition in terms of quality and affordability.

High Quality and Impeccably Attractive

D. Turin & Company has been in the business for well over 90 years. As a trusted name, D. Turin & Company is focused on manufacturing premium quality Fez hats using hand and machine embroidery techniques. The end result is a high quality and impeccably attractive finished product that anyone should be proud to wear. Best of all, through modern technology, all orders are digitized, and computer designs are fulfilled on premises. Contact D. Turin & Company today for more information on Masonic Fez Hats.