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Today if you go to any Shriners function you are likely to see members wearing fezzes. Shriners International is proud of its symbolic headwear, the fez. This unique headwear has a history that dates back to 1872 and is named for a city in Morocco called Fez. The hat has great significance in that it represents a fraternity, the Shriners that is based upon a Moroccan Arabian theme. Perhaps the most important aspect of this symbolic headwear is that it signifies one’s membership in the proud Shriners fraternity.


The fez is typically only warm by Shriners as a way to signify a unique brotherhood and membership. In addition, the fez hat is intended to help create more awareness of this long-standing fraternity. Another unique aspect of this type of headgear is that it can be customized so that members may show allegiance to their brotherhood and to their temple. The fez also serves to reveal key information about the wearer. It can signify everything from basic membership to unique roles within the organization as well as levels of accomplishment. In most cases a fez is a custom-made hat that is specific to each individual member.

Good Character

New members in the Shriners learn basic knowledge on how to proudly wear this type of headgear. Fraternity members typically follow certain protocol when it comes to displaying this unique and attractive fez style hat. Shriners are tasked with being of good character and partaking in fellowship as well as social functions. Leadership, education and the highest regard for moral values as well as community involvement are all standard. The fez hat is symbolic of all of these characteristics and more.

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