Learn More About Fezzes

Today if you go to any Shriners function you are likely to see members wearing fezzes. Shriners International is proud of its symbolic headwear, the fez. This unique headwear has a history that dates back to 1872 and is named for a city in Morocco called Fez. The hat has great significance in that it represents a fraternity, the Shriners that is based upon a Moroccan Arabian theme. Perhaps the most important aspect of this symbolic headwear is that it signifies one’s membership in the proud Shri ... Read More

Custom Shriner Fez Pins

When it comes to customizing a fez, few other accessories can compare to unique and highly personalized fez pins. These accessories come in a wide range of styles and designs allowing Shriner fraternity members to add a personal touch to any fez. These pins also serve to signify levels of accomplishment. In addition, pins are not limited to only placement on a fez but can also be used as a tie tack or even a lapel pin. Some pins may even display precious gemstones along with brands and char ... Read More

Coronavirus "COVID-19" Update #3

To Our Valued Customers,As we are all affected by these difficult times we are living through, with situations that change daily, we are letting you know that D. Turin Co. is still in operation, and here to serve your needs.We have some essential staff on premises serving the important needs of our local cities in this time of crisis, providing them with the garments they need to perform their duties. We are also in the process of beginning to produce non-medical 100% cotton face masks to aid th ... Read More

Coronavirus "COVID-19" Update #2

To Our Valued Customers, We would like to take a moment and update you with the latest status for D. Turin & Company. Some of our office staff are currently working remotely. There will still be a few of us here at the office answering phones, shipping orders and processing new orders.All of your current orders in-house are still in production and any new orders will still be processed as usual.At this time all orders must be shipped to our customers, either by USPS or UPS. Due to n ... Read More

Corona Virus "Covid-19" Statement from D. Turin & Company

Dear Our Valued Customers,We are in unprecedented times. With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and theincredible speed at which things are changing around us, we are continually adapting our operations and business.D. Turin and Co. will continue to do business as long as the situation allows. We have been in continuous operation for nearly 100 years, through war time and The Depression, and will be there serving your embroidery & fraternal needs in the future. At this time yo ... Read More

Shriner Fezzes vs Jackets or Both?

Much like the white apron worn by Masons as a symbol of their brotherhood, the fez is worn only by Shriners as a symbol of their membership in this unique fraternity. Another great piece of apparel is the blazer or Shriner Jacket. The Jacket or Shriner Blazer is another showcase of the members accomplishments, identity and awards of the organization. For example, the Shrine pin should be worn on the left lapel of a suit coat or jacket. Every Noble Shriner Member is encouraged t ... Read More

Why We Customize Your Shriner Fezzes!

Historically the fez is likely the most recognizable symbol of Shriners International and was implemented as the Shriners' official headgear in 1872. The Shriners Fez is named after the city of Fez, Morocco, the hat represented the Arabian theme the fraternity was founded on. It also serves as an outward symbol of one's membership in the fraternity.Required Step to becoming a Shriner: "If you hold the Master Mason degree in Freemasonry, you qualify and are invited ... Read More

History of a Masonic Fez

For over 93 years, D. Turin & Company has been specializing in fez construction and hand and machine embroidery. The company was founded in 1926 by Mr. David Turin, grandfather and great grandfather of the current management. He believed in satisfying the customer with quality and service.The fez is one of the most recognizable symbols of Shriners International and was adopted as the Shriners` official headgear in 1872. Named after the city of Fez, Morocco, the hat represented the Arabian th ... Read More

New DTurin Shipping Policy Update

D. Turin & CompanyUS 12/16/19Hialeah, FL D. Turin & Company Introduces New Flat Rate Shipping Costs New nationwide flat rates take the shipping cost sting out of purchasing small items Small packages shouldn’t cost you a fortune to ship. At D. Turin we care about our customers and are pleased to offer you our best shipping rate for your small purchases. Introducing flat rate $5.99 shipping for all orders under $25—just in time for those holiday purchases! &ldqu ... Read More

Why Masonic Car Emblems

Masonic Car Emblems represent many symbols meanings of the fraternal organization and Masonic emblems are different from Masonic symbols. Emblems can only have one meaning while symbols could have various meanings. Emblems are like a logo or a brand in that they represents an abstract concept. This branding is a visible form of the conceptual meaning. Their meaning is very easy to interpret unlike symbols. The Masonic square and compasses is an emblem of the Freemason fraternal organization ... Read More