What Are Masonic Car Emblems and How Do They Work?

Masonic car emblems are a great way to show your affiliation with the masonic brotherhood while you're on the go. But how do they work, and where do you install them?

Most masonic car emblems consist of a small metal plate with the masonic square and compass emblem in the center. This emblem is usually attached to the car with two suction cups, which attach to the windshield or window. The masonic square and compass emblem represent many things, including strength, wisdom, and truth. It is often used as a symbol of recognition for Masons all over the world. There are many different organizations that use masonic car emblems as their symbol. These organizations include masonic lodges, masonic youth groups, and even the Shriners.

Many Different Sizes Available

If you're interested in installing a Masonic car emblem on your vehicle, there are a few things you need to know. First, make sure that the emblem is made specifically for cars. Some emblems are designed for use on buildings or other types of surfaces. Second, make sure that the emblem is the correct size for your car. There are many different sizes available, so be sure to choose the one that will fit your vehicle best. Finally, be sure to attach the emblem securely. The suction cups should hold it in place firmly, so it doesn't fall off while you're driving.

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