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Masonic shirts are a type of shirt that is worn by members of the Freemasonry. The shirts have a masonic symbol on them, and they are usually white or light-colored. There are many different types of masonic shirts available, and they can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. These shirts are typically used by men, but there are also some women's masonic shirt options available. Masonic style shirts can be found for purchase online or at masonic supply stores. They offer a great way to add a sense of membership to any event or gathering. 

Embroidered Shirts

With so much to offer, these great looking shirts should be sourced from a trusted name in the business. Quality always shines through when it comes to clothing of any kind these days. D. Turin & Company specializes in premium quality fezzes, fez cases, tassels, and many unique accessories, such as tassel holders or tassel pins for specific organizations. The following are available: motorcycle, clown, band, custom names, etc. The company also manufactures custom car decals, car emblems, license frames, pins, and patches, as well as embroidered shirts, hats, and jackets, for a variety of groups, including Shriners, Masons, Elks, Grotto, O.E.S., Jesters, Prince Hall Shrine, Daughters of Isis, L.O.S.N.A., International Masons, Order of Alhambra, and many others. 

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Years of experience and a commitment to quality lets you know that you have found a leading provider of masonic clothing and accessories. From face masks to fezzes and custom pins as well as promotional items, D. Turin & Company has it all. For more than 90 years, D. Turin & Company has provided the best quality fez construction and hand and machine embroidery. The company was founded almost a century ago by Mr. David Turin, grandfather, and great grandfather of today’s management. He knew that satisfying customers with quality and service makes all the difference. That tradition continues to live at the company he founded. Digitizing of your computer designs is done on the premises. Contact us today to learn more.