Newsletter Announcement - Update 7/13/2020

                                                                               D. Turin & Co. Newsletter Update -  July 13th, 2020

    To our fraternal customers,

    We, at D. Turin & Co. sincerely hope that all of you are staying well and safe during these difficult times that we have all been going through. The Corona virus pandemic has altered our way of life, in ways that no one could have imagined 6 months ago. Meetings, ceremonials and events have been cancelled or postponed.  Many businesses including ours, have been severely affected because of it. Our company has been serving the needs of many fraternal organizations for almost 95 years.  Our primary focus for the last 75, has been the “fez” business. We have a real business location in Florida where we employ taxpaying Americans offering you, our customers a quality product.  Assembling our fezzes from their base components, starting with preparing, hand or machine embroidery, and then finishing all of the fezzes we manufacture. Some of our more elaborate styles do require some partial outsource work to be done, but each and every one of those is also prepared, partially embroidered, and finished in house. Most importantly, it is of consistent quality and promise of satisfaction as every fez we sell.  While our fezzes do not come with a formal guarantee, they do come with our satisfaction guarantee.  Meaning that if something unforeseen happens to it within a reasonable amount of time, we will simply take care of it.  Usually at no cost to you. All fezzes are delicate hand-made items, and as such, a thread can break, something can come loose, a sweat-band will wear out prematurely, etc.  Alteration services are offered on all of our fezzes. We are here to take care of it, a phone call away, with excellent customer service.      

    Recently, we have seen various sellers from foreign third world countries, offering products that look like ours.  Some even stealing our online pictures and showing them as their own, posting them on various social media platforms trying to sell fezzes and other Masonic products. Buyers have been ordering from some of these unregulated foreign sellers, obviously for lower prices than we can sell for.  They then often come to us to “fix” problems with their purchase.  These countries have workers starting at the age of 10, working for between $1-2 per hour at the most. We tell these buyers, “sorry but we can’t work on any foreign made fezzes due to the inconsistencies in their quality”.  Most we have seen have inferior fez bodies, low quality stones, and overall inferior workmanship. We hope you will take these factors into consideration when ordering your fez.

    D. Turin & Co, along with Macoy Publishing and L. A. Fraternal Supply Co. are American owned companies that offer the same type of quality assurance, customer service and loyalty to our customers, that we hope will continue for many years to come.  We have all been in the business a long time and we know how to do things correctly, the first time.

    The rubber ducks are back, and we have added many new masks to our website so please take a look!

    Please stay safe & healthy and to better times ahead!

    Ron Plask,

    D. Turin & Co.